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At the age of 7, M. M. L. Heyrman wanted to become an archeologist. As a child, he wanted to grow up as a secret agent. His teenage dream was to join the army. As a young adult, he wanted to be a judge. Reaching manhood, he dreamed of becoming rich trading stocks. And as a writer, he can become them all. Thanks to his passion for history and the interest in the fantasy/horror genre which stood firm in an increasingly chaotic world. At the age of 32, connecting with the world in his residence in Belgium, this young storyteller will be able to finish the series of Revenge Is Perennial. And if that’s not enough he has multiple other stories he would like to share with you.
“I wanted to write this book to voice free animals who have been tortured and forgotten. The global wildlife hasn’t retaliated and had/has to witness how they were butchered. Never forget that the fauna has been paying the price for civilization without any consent!”